Pivot Irrigation that uses the Most Reliable Drive Train

Pivot Irrigation Australia pivots utilize the UMC centre drive. UMC Heavy Duty Series wheel gearbox. UMC or RKD Drive Coupling High level of service quality: fast delivery of spare parts from our fully stocked warehouse.

RKD Controls

RKD controls are EU made and have stood the test of time. Robust and with a Corrosion Free Fibreglass Enclosure. Fitted with Field Wise control or RKD control, the system is instantly upgraded to remote control, with features of savings with an in-expensive install, and no  costly field runs to check the machine.

Centre Pivots with the Most Durable Structure

Hot-dip galvanized. 4-leg drive unit with braces. Time proven Cardan span hitch. Heavy pipe flanges. Robust sprinkler coupler and an externally inserted Poly Coupling for PE pipes. Full wrap-around weldments. Reinforced  truss rod ends.

Centre Pivot Spans

Pipeline and truss rod design maintain even distribution of loads. Tight contact of truss rod brackets for even loading. Polyurethane flange gaskets. Truss angle placement and lengths creates even loading on uneven terrain. Correct size pipes are always used to achieve span lengths.

Pivot Irrigation Australia -We believe the pursuit of perfection is endless.

Centre Pivot Irrigation- Australian owned and engineered

  • We have acquired extensive expertise in both manufacturing and farming during our many years of activity in the agricultural irrigation field.
  • This represents an excellent basis because our long-standing and accurate knowledge of the requirements means that we are better able to develop ideal solutions for optimal water use.
  • As a medium-sized company based near Adelaide in South Australia, we are able to offer perfect irrigation solutions for all size irrigation projects right across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, and the Northern Territory. We're also proud to have a strong National Dealer Network with relationships in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Darwin.
  • We are also flexible enough to provide tailor-made solutions for all areas of application.

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We are the National distributors for RKD Pivot Irrigation Systems (RKD Irrigación,S.L.) in Australia

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