Center Pivots

PIA RKD center pivots provide farmers worldwide with the best quality, highest performing irrigations systems. Year after year, these systems have proven themselves in varying types of terrain, cropping situations and irrigation requirements.

Wings Overhang

The RKD swivel overhang is a simple method to increase the area of a pivot, it has a maximum length of 30.6 m. It can be used in all RKD models from diameter 596 (5 9/16 ”-141.3mm). Its operation is automatic from the center of the pivot, avoiding obstacles on the field.

Towable Pivots

Irrigate more acres without buying more equipment. PIA RKD offers mobile irrigation solutions that allow you to spread your investment over multiple fields. All PIA mobile pivots feature reinforced wheel hubs that swivel easily into towing position.

Linear Irrigators

PIA RKD Laterals (linears) travel back and forth across your field, instead of around a central point. Linears are one of the most efficient forms of irrigation — irrigating up to 98% of your field! A Hippodrome version is most adaptable to utilise complex areas.

Pivot’s Engineered for Australia by Australians