Sprinklers for Centre Pivots by Senninger

Since 1963, Senninger has maintained a commitment to innovating and manufacturing quality sprinklers, spray nozzles, and pressure regulators for agriculture, horticulture and industrial installations. Our goal is to ensure that all products and enhancements are designed to provide real water application solutions to produce crops for a growing population, distribute effluent solutions or leach precious metals. Senninger is focused on conservation. Our high-performance product line of sprinklers and spray nozzles are designed to operate at very low pressures. The Senninger UP3 easy change nozzle was introduced in 2008. Just pinch and pull to remove the nozzle then place and click to re-install. Cleaning and changing nozzles is easy and convenient. There is no need to disassemble or remove the sprinkler. The color-coded nozzles are highly visible and easy to identify. The nozzle numbers (corresponding to orifice sizes in 64ths of an inch) are visible on the ears, with half sizes denoted beneath the second digit and the notches on the lower edge of the nozzle. Nozzles are warranted to maintain correct orifice size for five years. Water usage and energy costs are reduced which benefit irrigators and the planet. Larger instantaneous coverage area reduces the rate at which the soil is required to take in water. Preservation of intake rate and increased soak times greatly reduce the potential for irrigation water run-off and wheel rutting. Stream-driven applicators provide good throw distance, but their distinct streams instantaneously place the entire flow in a relatively small area. This more intense application can negatively impact the soil surface. In contrast, the i-Wob applies water to a larger area of soil surface, reducing the impact of the sprinkler's pattern on the soil structure. PIA water application engineers will design the ideal sprinkler set for your specific machine, field conditions, climate and agricultural needs.

iwob Sprinkler for centre pivot irrigation


  • The Senninger i-Wob combines its rotary action with the unique wobbling of grooved deflectors to deliver a consistent droplet size and outstanding uniformity over a large area of coverage.
  • This provides a gentle, rain-like application of water to the soil.
  • Larger instantaneous coverage offers a slower intake rate to help reduce runoff and wheel tracking.
  • Unmatched Uniformity - the i-Wob offers a gentle, more uniform delivery and an even droplet size. Consistently-sized droplets help maintain a sprinkler's pattern integrity in wind conditions and are more resistant to evaporation.
  • The i-Wob's droplet size can be tailored to the needs of the soil through the selection of proper deflectors and operating pressures.
Senninger LDN Low drift nozzle for centre pivot irrigation


  • The Senninger LDN - Low Drift Nozzle - was the first spray nozzle providing the option to stack multiple deflector pads.
  • This produces uniform sized droplets along the wide range of nozzle flows found on center pivots, which helps center pivot irrigators fight wind-drift and evaporative loss.
  • The LDN’s streamlined body and durable components can handle the rigors of traveling through tall crops.
  • By using multiple deflector pad levels, additional grooves can be added to the LDN to control water direction and droplet size while still providing a gentle, spread-out application.
  • The LDN provides the largest area of instantaneous coverage at a lower pressure. By applying water to a larger area of soil surface at any given instant of the sprinkler’s operation, the impact of the sprinkler’s pattern on the soil structure is reduced.
LEPA Close spacing sprinkler system for centre pivot irrigation


  • Close Spacing is a water-efficient irrigation practice featuring low-pressure LEPA bubblers.
  • LEPA systems gently deliver water from a height of 25cm to 45cm above the ground to combat wind drift and prevent evaporation loss. Researchers and growers have found that with LEPA heads, at least 20 percent more water reaches the soil than with conventional spray nozzles.
  • Unlike traditional LEPA systems, where sprinklers are placed 150cm to 205cm apart to irrigate every other furrow, the Close Spacing method distributes water over most of the soil surface with 100cm or less between heads.
  • Conservation tillage practices further help prevent evaporation loss and run-off by holding the water in the rows until the soil can absorb it. As a result, Close Spacing achieves application efficiencies typically exceeding 95 percent.